If you are giving your presentation online or following the congress online, please follow the instructions below:

Information for presenters

Dear Participants and Presenters,

we are looking forward welcoming you to the 13th International Congress of the European Association for Mental Health in Intellectual Disability (EAMHID) from 23rd to 25th of September 2021. This is to inform you about the further proceedings.

The congress is set up in a hybrid format, meaning you can participate online from around the world or onsite in Berlin. To allow us to allocate resources accordingly, we ask you to indicate if you will participate online or onsite by 1st of September 2021 by logging on to your congress account at https://www.kukm-conferences.com/Home/Index/Event/eamhid2021/en-US and clicking the “additional information” tile.

Onsite participants will have to be either recovered, fully vaccinated for two weeks or tested within the past 24 hours. A test center is located nearby the venue (Hotel Berlin! Berlin!). Your status will be checked upon arrival. Due to several other major events taking place simultaneously in Berlin, we recommend to book your accommodation soon.

For online participants and presenters there will be a login gateway to the congress on https://www.eamhid2021.eu at time.

If you are a presenter, please also read the following information and instructions carefully:

Please check our final program for your time slot(s). Your presentations were planned as online (indicated by the surname written in italics) or onsite as you requested during abstract submission. Your plans might have changed though, so please indicate your final way of participation (online/onsite) as described above. When preparing your presentation, please allow time for discussion.

We offer online tutorials on how to present effectively and keep in time.

In English: Wednesday, August 25th, 14 – 16h, ECT; Tuesday, August 31st, 14 – 16h, ECT and Monday, September 6th, 12 – 16h, ECT at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85908127928?pwd=Ynhtck5EMS9wQTlCTHVEY3M5c3VqUT09

In German: Tuesday, August 17th, 9-12h, ECT and Thursday, August 19th, 9-12h, ECT at

If you present onsite, please upload your presentation at the central media reception (Tesla Foyer) no later than 2 hours before the start of the session. Your presentation will only be accepted in .ppt and .pptx format and in 1920x1080 resolution. All lecture rooms are equipped with projection technology and a laptop, the use of your own equipment is not possible.

We kindly ask all online presenters to prerecord their lecture (max. 15’) using ZOOM, name it by their surname and upload it by 10th of September 2021 using https://wetransfer.com to magdalena.buettner@exg.media. To avoid technical issues, your prerecorded lecture will be shown, but we still ask you to be present online during your session(s) for discussion.

On how to record a ZOOM presentation, please refer to this tutorial: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362473-Local-recording

For all other questions and more tutorials regarding ZOOM, please refer to:

For remaining technical questions regarding ZOOM, we offer a live ZOOM Q&A in English: Thursday, August 19th, 14-16h, ECT, Friday, August 20th, 14-16h, ECT and Friday, September 3rd, 10-12h, ECT at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81963271047?pwd=UVRoYmhjOGVzVFBaQmNpNElQVG0zZz09

For remaining questions regarding technical procedures specific to the hybrid format, e. g. mix of online and onsite presenting, we offer a live Hybrid Q&A in English and German: Wednesday, September 8th 10-12h, ECT, Thursday, September 9th, 10-12h, ECT and Friday, September 10th, 10-12h, ECT at https://exg-media-de.zoom.us/j/86497885093 Attention: Number of participants is limited, so use this option only if your problem could not be solved by any of the other tutorials. Please register for a time-slot using your surname at https://doodle.com/poll/ta3ar48rdhgstemu?utm_source=poll&utm_medium=link

We apologize for any inconvenience and the extra effort due to the pandemic. We are confident you will enjoy the congress and are looking forward welcoming you, regardless if online or onsite.

Best Regards

EAMHID Scientific Committee


Dear presenters on the EAMHID 13. Congress in Berlin!

Some of you might need some advices for making your presentation?
And also for speaking in front of the audience?
Maybe for the first time?

In the following slides you will find What to Avoid When Presenting

Please use the following slides in your presentation to show your Conflitcs of Interest.

Please note:

Since the lectures in the Rooms Humboldt and Kleist will be simultaneously translated the timely provision of the lectures (as script or set of slides) of the speakers in these rooms is requested to ensure good preparation of the interpreters,
All remote speakers should also have a good internet connection and use headsets.

Information for Poster Presenters

Due to the pandemic the congress is set up in a hybrid format. Therefore, we will have a considerate number of online participants. Also, some of you have indicated that they will participate online instead of onsite or vice versa. All posters will be uploaded to a virtual poster hall.

In order to have a short explanation of your work available for online participants, we ask you to record a short introduction to your poster that we can offer to view online next to your poster. This recording should not exceed 3-5min and should be recorded using ZOOM. On how to record a ZOOM session please refer to this tutorial:


If you have recorded your poster session using ZOOM and have not exceeded the 5min., you will end up with a compressed video file no larger than 32MB. Please rename this video file with your surname and upload it together with your FINAL poster, also named by your surname, using our abstract submission tool.

Log in and upload your FINAL poster version and accompanying video here:


In order for you to have enough time for recording your video, we extended the original deadline for final poster submission from 30.07.2021 to 15.08.2021. For you to be able to upload files, your abstract status will be changed to RESUBMIT shortly. You will receive a separate email about the status change by the automated system. You can then upload your final poster version as well as the video. It is important though that you upload both files in ONE SESSION before you press the SUBMIT button, otherwise you won’t be able to upload or change anything anymore. So please be sure to have your final poster (as PDF) and your video available for upload before starting the procedure. Please delete outdated poster versions prior to uploading new versions.

For those of you participating onsite in Berlin, we ask you to additionally bring your poster printed out in DIN-A0 format. Please hang them in the poster area Voltaire Foyer. We also ask onsite participants to be present at the scheduled poster sessions in order to introduce their work and answer questions onsite: Friday, 24.09.2021, 8:00am-9:00am and 12:30pm-13:00pm as well as Saturday, 25.09.2021, 8:00am-9:00am. Online posters will be displayed on a screen in the poster hall.

For a detailed overview of our program please refer to: