Lessons from a Global Pandemic: What Have we Learned?

Friday, 24th September 2021 Meet the Expert Jeanne Farr 05:30pm - 06:15pm Room: Humboldt

The pandemic required creative approaches to meeting the support needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities. Service and clinical treatment approaches had to quickly adapt in response to the rapidly changing environment.

Interviews with clinical professionals and service providers from the following 20 countries: Afghanistan, Australia, Canada, China, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Netherlands, Paraguay, Philippines, Slovakia, Spain, Uganda and US.
The interviews will elicit specific strategies these professionals used to focus on supporting the quality of life and the mental health and wellbeing of the people they support.

To learn from clinical professionals and service providers from around the world regarding what they did to pivot and respond quickly to the unplanned circumstances we all faced in our work with individuals with intellectual disabilities and mental health challenges.
To learn what strategies worked and what did not.

There is a rich source of collective wisdom from our fellow professionals around the world and we can learn a great deal from one another. This exploration gives us a glimpse into the larger world of committed professionals dedicated to supporting the health and wellbeing of people with intellectual disabilities during extraordinary times.

In presenting the data from the surveys, we will learn from our global community of practitioners and have the opportunity to further explore or adapt new ideas to our own framework for treatment and service provision.

Simple and to the point:

  • Support services need to adapt with regard to the new challenges posed by the pandemic
  • Strategies have been collected from professionals around the world
  • It is important to learn which strategies have worked and which have not
  • International exchange helps in the development of new strategies