Alzheimer’s disease in Down syndrome - from understanding pathology to prevention

Thursday, 23rd September 2021 Keynote Andre Strydom 04:00pm - 04:45pm Room: Humboldt

Adults with Down syndrome (DS) have neuropathological features identical to individuals with sporadic Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and this discovery played an important role in the identification of the amyloid precursor protein gene on chromosome 21. Individuals with Down syndrome have a lifetime risk for dementia in excess of 90% and DS is now acknowledged to be the most common genetic cause of Alzheimer’s disease, but they are often excluded from AD medication trials.

This keynote will cover aspects of Alzheimer’s disease in Down syndrome including outcome measurement issues pertinent to prevention trials, and consider the methodological issues and potential targets for trials to prevent or delay AD in DS.

Simple and to the point:

  • People with Down syndrome have a high risk of developing Alzheimer's dementia
  • This group is rarely included in clinical studies of Alzheimer's disease
  • Methodological issues and goals for future studies are discussed to prevent or delay Alzheimer's disease in people with Down syndrome